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Multi Display heralds a sustainable revolution

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Sustainability is a high priority for corporate social responsibility. This also applies to the POS branch in & out store. Vlastuin supports developments in the sector from its own expertise with the Multi Display: a reusable, flexible and practical product presentation system that guarantees a CO2 saving of no less than 90%.

Many point of sales displays are still made of cardboard. They stand for a week or two, are then removed and hopefully – but unfortunately not always – recycled. This entails a huge waste of material and energy. Vlastuin has developed a solution that puts an end to this environmentally harmful situation of one-off use: the Multi Display. A further developed, improved version of the prize-winning and proven successful Multi Trip Plus, which Vlastuin already introduced to the market and which was then described by industry organization POPAI as “a technically very good solution, excellent for sustainability, flexible and very practical”.

Huge CO2 reduction
The question of how you can reduce the use of cardboard and energy in the sector has kept Vlastuin busy for a long time. Surely there had to be a solution for the continuous production and destruction of cardboard displays and the associated fuel-guzzling transport from and to the stores? Would there not be a variant that could combine durability and longevity in one product?
The answer came with the development of the reusable Multi Display. A modular system made from 100% recyclable plastic (ABS) that will not last two weeks but three years! That is also flexible, practical and cost-efficient, but above all leads to a significant CO2 reduction.

The CO2 impact of the multi-use Multi Display was compared with one-time hand-folded cardboard dislays and the emission factors of the ABS, cardboard and transport were included, checked by the independent research agency Blonk Consultants. Due to the considerable savings in material and transport, a CO2 reduction of around 86% is achieved.

The reduced environmental impact is the first benefit. But the Multi Display offers more. Much more. The basic elements are always reusable, which means that the already modest purchase price is quickly earned back. For a new product promotion, the manufacturer or retailer only needs new shelf strips and paper inserts for the top card and side elements. The Multi Display has unlimited possibilities in terms of decoration and design: there can be shelves (straight or angled), bottle racks, hooks or baskets. All within the same construction. The manufacturer or retailer chooses the color once, of course, but can be fully tailored to the brand. A cooling variant is available for products with a limited shelf life or for drinks. Instead of a top card, a digital screen can be placed for playing digital content. New digital techniques can also be integrated into the diplay. The Multi Display is of course also available with LED lighting. Plenty of options. Discover the power of adaptibility, as they say at Vlastuin.

The Multi Display has been proven successful in retail. It is in fact a simple kit that can be configured in different heights, depending on the needs of the customer. The manufacturer or retailer can choose to place one, but an “island” of three or four together is also very possible. The Multi Display is available in a mobile version with a sturdy frame with wheels, but there is also a variant on legs. In combination with a CHEP or CC dolly, the Multi Display is ideally suited as a return display, partly due to the fact that the display can be quickly dismantled and transported compactly. A minimum volume is therefore transported in the return flow. All in all, the Multi Display is an extremely practical solution for sustainable product presentations and is perfectly suitable for retail. It is modular (60×40 cm) and can handle up to 30 kilos per shelf.

The Multi Display from Vlastuin is a convincing, sustainable system that is very easy to set up for every product and every campaign and can be made suitable for the next promotion afterwards. The system is constantly evolving to meet current and future market conditions. Moreover, the system has a fast ROI and a low entry price.

Who is Vlastuin?

The family business Vlastuin from Baarn has been around for over 50 years and has been transferred from father to the two sons Harro and Cornelis. Vlastuin provides a wide range of creative and innovative solutions for presenting products and campaigns in retail. This varies from complete shop fittings (“shop in shop”) to point of sales displays, whether or not equipped with digital technologies. Relieving the customer is the starting point under all circumstances, whether it is ready to use or customized solutions. For the dynamic, constantly developing company, solving questions and problems is central. Sustainable thinking is a matter of course.