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First bioplastic POS display

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Mr. Flexx® Eco raises the bar for sustainability thanks to elephant grass

Vlastuin introduces first bio-plastic POS display

Greater impact in the store and more sustainable on all fronts: During EuroShop 2020, Vlastuin will take the next step towards maximum sustainability in the Point of Sale world, and will present the very first addition to the new Mr. Flexx® series to be produced entirely from bio-plastic: Mr. Flexx® Eco. This fully modular display system is made from natural products. One of the bio-plastic materials used is Vibers: made from 100 percent natural elephant grass.

Vibers is extremely strong and will last at least 3 years. This bioplastic is based on elephant grass and is fully recyclable at the end of its life cycle. The used raw material is completely circular. Vlastuin has developed Mr. Flexx® into a wide range of reusable displays. These reusable displays, including Mr. Flexx® Classic, have been designed to purposely meet the varying range of wishes and requirements of retailers and brands. Each of the displays is unique and practical in use. With minimum effort and preparation time, Mr. Flexx® is quickly deployable and fully adjustable.

Mr. Flexx® is the very best alternative for traditional displays in the field of ready-made displays, the so-called Quarter Pre-Packed Pallet Displays. The system is by far the most ideal solution for pre-packed promotions and at the same time offers a fully new, modular solution for in-store promotions with a sales rep display.

More impact, less materials, significant CO2 reduction
All Mr. Flexx® displays are endlessly reusable thanks to their multifunctional design, and this re-usability reduces the required volume of cardboard by up to 90 percent versus traditional POS displays. The result? Mr. Flexx® saves up to 86 percent CO2. In the Netherlands alone, the saving in used cardboard amounts to more than 14,000 tons annually.

Costs and logistic efficiency
Thanks to the efficient and simplified supply chain, Mr. Flexx® enables considerable savings in terms of stock management, transport costs and co-packing.

Circular Award
Mr. Flexx® Eco has by now been submitted for a Circular Award by the Netherlands Circular platform.

Mr. Flexx® Premium
Besides the traditional Mr. Flexx® (available under the name Classic), Vlastuin will be introducing a fully new version at EuroShop 2020: Mr. Flexx Premium. All aspects of this display are ready for the new decade. With its various technically innovative modules, Mr. Flexx® Premium will have even more impact in the store. Think in terms of additions such as audio, lighting and scent. Mr. Flexx® Premium guarantees optimum performance based on the latest insights. For creative retailers, Mr. Flexx® offers endless opportunities.

100 percent mono-material ABS & circular
Mr. Flexx® Classic and Mr. Flexx® Premium are made from 100% mono-material ABS and are fully recyclable. If required, clients can also order displays made from recycled ABS. These versions too are fully circular. At the end of their working life, the materials are collected and fully reused.