Second Dutch supermarket enthusiastic about the Mr. Flexx® display system

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On introducing the reusable Mr. Flexx® display system, the Dutch supermarket chain of Hoogvliet also opted to gear display promotion to its own CSR policy. Supplier Vlastuin is delighted with the choices made by Hoogvliet, to roll out this Mr. Flexx® Premium version in all 71 supermarkets.  Maximum CO2 reduction in combination with the simplicity of the modular system and minimum maintenance, but certainly also the options for creativity and brand perception, were the deciding factors for the supermarket when opting for Mr. Flexx®. Last Year, Vlastuin already supplied the Special Offer Mr. Flexx® classic displays for supermarket chain Albert Heijn.


Hoogvliet introduced Mr. Flexx® Premium in all outlets. The display location is specifically intended for promotion of A-brands and own brands of the supermarket organisation. Unit Manager Jos Verhaegen of Hoogvliet is extremely satisfied with the introduction of the display system. “The collaboration with Brandwise and Vlastuin is an important step in making even more sustainable and efficient use of second-placement displays in our supermarkets. Thanks to Brandwise, there is 100% execution, these impactful displays enable us to steer maximum sales, and we are disposing of much less cardboard. It makes me very happy to see these displays in our stores.”

Store floor

A main advantage of Mr. Flexx® is that the display concept can quite simply be constructed and converted in situ in the store. The height and layout of the system can be varied using the shelves, shelf dividers and hooks, making the display ideal for various types of products and purposes. The unique setup, tailored decoration and techniques gears Mr. Flexx® and its numerous presentation options seamlessly to the brand or campaign to be promoted. A main benefit is that Mr. Flexx® offers endless variation options, therefore removing the need to constantly make a lot of budget available for new (cardboard) display designs.

Mr. Flexx® Premium 

The initial Mr. Flexx® concept marketed by POS supplier Vlastuin in 2019, has now been further developed into Mr. Flexx® Premium. The latest version can also be extended to include lighting, scent, audio and movement. And so Mr. Flexx® Premium can give passing shoppers’ senses an extra sensory impulse, resulting in an even more striking 2nd placement in the store and an uplift in sales. The new plug & play options can be very simply added. 

Optimum saving

Cardboard displays with a short life in the store generate an enormous volume of waste, while their production also results in excessive CO2 emissions. The sustainable nature is therefore clearly a positive point of this innovative modular display concept. Vlastuin estimates a 90% saving in cardboard for each special offer campaign. The working life of Mr. Flexx® is at least three years, which saves approximately 86% CO2 versus one-off cardboard displays. At the end of its useful life, Mr. Flexx® is 100% recyclable. 


Mr. Flexx® is an original Vlastuin design and is registered as a brand. What’s more, the display concept was developed in the Netherlands. The described performance regarding reduction of CO2 emissions was calculated by Bureau Blonk, an international leader in the field of environment, sustainability, nutrition and health. Mr. Flexx® Premium is available in two sizes. There are also Classic and Eco versions. 

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