Why Mr. Flexx®?

4 reasons to choose this fully sustainable display

Reduced CO2



logistic Flow

Mr. Flexx®

replaces the cardboard displays with a short lifespan

cardboard waste

and CO2 emissions

Fully recycle Mr. Flexx® at the end of his
(approx. 3-7 year)


An international leader in the field of environment, sustainability, nutrition and health. They advise companies, governments and other organizations on environmental and sustainability issues that the agri-food sector is confronted with.

Easy to

All basic components of Mr. Flexx® fit universally and are 100% interchangeable

Maximum ease of use: exchange components for maximum flexibility

Reusable & Recyclable

Standard produced of 100% virgin ABS

Also available in recycled ABS

One robust display with countless options:
different heights, flexible spacing, adaptable to any product and
transforms instantly in a unique display with custom decoration.

Flexible height

Countless options for creative constructors and decorators.

Trigger all senses

The unique universal shelf structure makes sound, fragrance, LED lighting and movement detection possible. Find out more about triggering senses with Mr. Flexx®

Retail Ready

Mr. Flexx® is fully compatible with corrugated adapter plate.

Standardized or custom

The best of both worlds. Choose a standard model and decorate as needed. Or choose a fully customized model for a unique display.

Flexible interior

Heavy duty or maximum visiblity? The interior of Mr. Flexx® guarantees the best solution for all types of packaging.

Cost efficiency

Boost your return with a smart and safe investment

  1. Shorten your supply chain, reduce time to market and reduce transport and handling costs
  2. Durable high-grade materials guarantee a minimum lifespan of 3 years, reusing your system means more efficiency
  3. Optimize print materials for decoration purposes and reduce the use of construction materials
  4. Save time, energy and money. Building Mr. Flexx® only takes 3 minutes. No need to endless place products in the same system. Also save on extra cardboard supports.
  5. Combine all advantages of Mr. Flexx® and increase your return on investment.
    Besides that, you will also greatly benefit from promotion tools with added sustainable values.