Albert Heijn
Price favorite

More than 1000 Mr. Flexx® Classic displays in the recognizable Albert Heijn color (light) blue are present in AH-supermarkets across The Netherlands.

The store presents the biweekly changing and well known Prijspakker promotions to the public. Albert Heijn employees are able to easily change and rearrange the way the products are presented.

For instance in the case of variable product dimensions. This can be done in the warehouse or instore, whatever is most practical and time saving.

Thanks to a rigid metal wheelframe the Mr. Flexx® displays are fully mobile. This also the case when the display is completely filled with products (max. volume Classic: 135 kg). Another great advantage of using Mr. Flexx® is maximum sustainability. The displays can be fully recycled after multiple years of reliable service. Already Albert Heijn saves up to 90% cardboard on a yearly basis. This translates to a CO2-reduction of 86 percent compared to using traditional cardboard displays in the past. In short: in a period of about 1 year Albert Heijn has saved up to 156.000 kilograms of cardboard (26 weeks x 6 kg x 1000 shops).

Want to know more about the advantages of Mr. Flexx® in your specific situation? Please contact us and together we will calculate how effective Mr. Flexx will be in your case and how much you can save.

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