Vlastuin gives display solution a new impulse

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What was put on the market by Vlastuin more than ten years ago as a unique and sustainable system, has now been further developed into Mr. Flexx. This display novelty is the most optimal variant of the original MTP Display System.

Mr. Flexx is described by Vlastuin as a modular display, which is easy to set up per product, brand or campaign and always shows a unique design. Mr. Flexx has the most diverse presentation options: color, height, design, decorations and techniques are fully adaptable and the system is suitable for all different load carriers that the retailers demand. “Mr. Flexx is the answer to the question how a brand product or promotion gets all the attention it deserves; the ultimate goal of second placements, “says Vlastuin.

CO2 saving

This is not the first time the market has been introduced to a sustainable solution. The first orientation to this end took place more than ten years ago, when Vlastuin introduced the MTP Display System. This furniture was already distinguished by the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management because of the savings on CO2. “The system was way ahead of its time, since the issue of sustainability and reuse has only been seriously on the agenda of retailers and brand manufacturers in recent years.”

Smallest details

Since the introduction to the market, the original display has been fully used for countless brands and promotions. It has always been improved on the smallest details and is now quickly available in its current form. The time to market is minimal. The system is already ready; only the design and decorations require preparation. The furniture itself can be assembled in approximately three minutes and decorated in one minute. “With Mr. You can easily save Flexx on the promotional budget. The investment costs are low and the display pays for itself in a short time due to the simplification of the preparation of campaigns. ”

100% sustainable

The sustainability of Mr. Flexx is mainly concerned with the minimum amount of waste. Vlastuin assumes a saving of 90% on cardboard with every promotional promotion. The display lasts for at least 3 years, saving around 86% on CO2 compared to one-off cardboard displays. At the end of his life Mr. Flexx 100% recyclable.

New version

Although it is about the most optimal furniture to date, Vlastuin wants to. Continue to develop Flexx. What is on the agenda is extra improvement of the product space, extra ease in building and again improving the visual attractiveness. This version is expected to be available early in 2020.