New Vlastuin solution perfectly suited as a return display

By January 24, 2019 January 24th, 2020 No Comments

With the introduction of the Vlastuin Multi Display Prototype 2.0, Vlastuin in Baarn, supplier of in-store solutions, has developed a logistics solution that is extremely suitable as a return display. This display can be mounted on a dolly or pallet with one click.

The CHEP Blue Click system is used for this, with which displays can be fixed in no time for safe transport. In combination with the new folding rear wall, which is also suitable for hanging hooks, the number of parts is minimal. The reusable and durable nature of this permanent display comes into its own even more strongly.

New promotions
The Multi Display can be re-arranged visually for each type of product. With 200 grams of inserts for the side panels, top card and shelf strips, a minimum of materials is needed to communicate new promotions. The use of the multi-use Multi Display results in a CO2 saving of almost 90% compared to one-off cardboard displays. The CO2 saving is also recognized by the independent research agency Blonk Consultants.

Cost effective and sustainable
After a promotion has ended, the Multi Display can easily be redesigned at the point of sale. It is also possible to dismantle the display and make it suitable for transport as a compact package of approximately 60 x 40 x 62 cm. The volume of the return flow is therefore minimal. The Multi Display not only saves time and costs in preparing promotions, but is also very durable due to its reusable nature.

Presentation options
The Multi Display has a variety of presentation options. For example, shelves can be placed horizontally or obliquely and the display can be equipped with shelf stoppers, hooks, bottle hooks, wire baskets, LED lighting and (interactive) screens. The display can be loaded up to 150 kg or 30 kg per shelf.

Brand exposure
A variety of possibilities are possible thanks to a variety of possibilities, whereby every brand, product and campaign is presented with great impact and experience.

Night of the Stars
In the second week of this year, on 9 January, the Vlastuin Multi Display 2.0 won a silver Superstar Award in the Prototype category during the Night of the stars in collaboration with the Viscom Düsseldorf trade fair. The innovative 2.0 version is not yet officially on the market, but Vlastuin expects to be able to introduce the Multi Display 2.0 soon.