Sustainability meets maximum instore impact

Now at all Albert Heijn shops!

Price favourites presented in flexible and sustainable display system
Update september 2020: Mr. Flexx® Classic is now expanding to all Albert Heijn shops in NL and into Belgium! Presenting Albert Heijn ‘Price favourits’ efficiently and sustainably in this reusable POS display system.

Easy to handle, time saving, 0% waste, 100 % recyclable & circular.

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A flexible display that allows you to quickly construct a solid presentation?

I'm fully modular and instantly expandable!

  • Modular display, compact in transport
  • Build up in only 3 minutes!
  • Decorate in just 60 seconds
  • Add techniques: digital signage, light, sound, etc.
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How can your product or promotion get the attention it deserves?

I can vary endlessly, with audio, scents, light and movement!

We hear it often enough: the sky’s the limit. And why not? Mr. Flexx proves its flexibility in practice. Add screens, sensors, moving parts or even a scent diffuser…. Anything goes and what’s best of all, everything fits seamlessly within the universal design of Mr. Flexx.

Ask for the possibilities

A smart investment to boost your return?

I earn myself back within a few months!

A reusable display that you can use effortlessly for various purposes: Mr. Flexx can be converted in an instant. For the holiday season, special campaigns or offers. Thanks to its broad uses and working life of at least 3 years, Mr. Flexx is an investment that soon earns itself back.

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